May 21, 2024
Chen Binhua, a spokesperson for the State Council's Taiwan Affairs Office Photo:VCG

Chen Binhua, a spokesperson for the State Council’s Taiwan Affairs Office Photo:VCG

The Taiwan question is China’s internal affair, which doesn’t allow any foreign interferences. The US should immediately stop hyping up the Taiwan question using the World Health Assembly as an excuse, said Chen Binhua, spokesperson for the State Council Taiwan Affairs Office, urging the US to adhere to the one-China principle and the three China-US joint communiques with practical actions, instead of saying one thing and doing another, and constantly indulging “Taiwan independence” activities. 

Chen made the remarks on Friday in response to US Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s statement on Wednesday which “encouraged the WHO to reinstate an invitation to Taiwan to participate as an observer at this year’s WHA.”

Regarding Taiwan region’s participation in WHO activities, Chen said the mainland’s position is consistent and clear, which is that the situation must be handled in accordance with one-China principle, which is also the fundamental principle confirmed by UNGA resolution 2758 and WHA Resolution 25.1, Chen said. The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) authorities stubbornly insist in their “Taiwan independence” separatist stance, refusing to acknowledge the 1992 Consensus which embodies the one-China principle, resulting in the political basis for Taiwan region’s participation in WHA no longer existing. This situation is entirely caused by the DPP authorities, according to the spokesperson. 

Chen said the mainland has made proper arrangements for Taiwan region’s participation in global health affairs under the premise of adhering to the one-China principle. However, the DPP authorities, in their pursuit of “Taiwan independence,” have deliberately politicized public health issues and attempted to rely on external forces to engage in secessionist activities at WHA. The facts of the past seven years have proven that this wrong path is not viable, and the attempt this time will also end up in failure, Chen said.

China’s foreign ministry also slammed Blinken’s statement on Thursday, saying China strongly deplores and firmly opposes the statement, noting the one-China principle has the extensive support of the international community. It is where global opinion trends and where the arc of history bends. There’s no denying or stopping that trend. Any attempt to play the “Taiwan card” and use Taiwan to contain China will meet the firm opposition of the international community and is doomed to failure.

Global Times


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